Trans.lation is a catalyst for highlighting the value cultural diversity adds to Vickery Meadow’s identity; furthermore, it seeks to place that identity at the center of conversation about the neighborhood’s future development by empowering residents through leadership development, workshops and trainings, cultural events, and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Trans.lation celebrates the international arts and culture of immigrants and refugees from 130+ countries living in the neighborhood of Vickery Meadow in Dallas, Texas.

Through arts workshops led by local artists and professional development classes, Trans.lation provides a space in Vickery Meadow for the practice of local/international culture as well as financial empowerment.


“It’s great to see a center that is about serving the community. We don’t have a lot of places like that in Dallas.”

—Participant, El Centro College workshop

“Your English classes are free? It was my dream as a little girl in Mexico, watching movies about the United States, to speak English. It’s also my dream to learn how to paint. Now I feel like my dreams are coming true.”


“I didn’t know what I was going to do for Día de los Muertos with my girls. But then I found you guys and I was so excited.”

—Día de los Muertos audience member

“I love showing up to every meeting we have. We talk about problems that need to be addressed then create artwork on those issues.”

—Htee Shee, Youth Leader